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These products are certified from the following Regulations-Rules

CE (European Conformity) for disinfection systems

Regulation 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Rules :

CEI EN 55015:2008-04 (Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbances characteristics of electrical lighting and similar)

CEI EN 61547: 1996-07 + A1:2000-12 (emc prescription for immunity)

CEI EN 61000-3-2: 2007-04 (limits for harmonics current emissions)

CEI EN 61000-3-3: 2009-09 (limits for voltage changes, fluctuations and flicker)

Regulation 2006/95/EC (Low Voltage) Rules:

CEI EN 60335-1:2008-07 (Safety for household electrical appliances) CEI EN 60601-1 :2007-05 (Safety for medical electrical equipments)

Arpa Certification (Environmental Protection Agency) for bathroom sterilization for : Legionella Pneumophila, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli CE Electromedical (European Conformity)

Regulation 2004/108/CE (Ex 89/336/CEE) ; Electromagnetic compatibility


EN55014-1 for the emissions EN55014-2 for the susceptibility EN61000-3-2 for the harmonics’ measures EN61000-3-3 for the flickers’ measures

Regulation 93/42/CE (electro medical devices) Rules:

EN60601-1-2 (2°edition) for the electromagnetic compatibility. EN60601-1 (2° edition) for the safety

Regulation 2006/95/CE (ex 73/23/CEE); Low Tension

Rules: EN60335-1 (Safety of electric household appliances or similar, general criteria)

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality management system certificate)

Conformity with DPR (decree of the President of the Italian Republic) nr. 37 of 14.01.1997 Registration as Medical Device from Italian Ministry of Health

Certification releases from Clinical Risk Management Society

US F.D.A. Registration Number 15338005762


Analysis results Biosan , Conclusions from the Bambin Gesù Hospital, USL Rome, ASL Umbria

Each products in market by serial number and equipped with by use and maintenance book.

Varm products have already been communicated to the Ministry of Labour and Health and relative organs. All spare parts are supplied by Varm s.r.l.

Test Reports on Uv disinfection systems for all bathroom fittings made by BIOSAN 18/10/2012


Test Report da n 1693 a n 1696 13 made by BIOSAN 10/01/2013


A shower of bacteria
The hidden germs in the shower: a bacteriological bomb

If hand washing  helps prevent  infections, to have a shower can cause them to come. From the study made by the University of Boulder, Colorado, the problem is inside the shower head. This study has highlighted the high concentration and formation of pathogenic bacteria especially in the shower head.  Norman Pace, the first author of the article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), has studied nine cities in seven U.S. states, including New York, Chicago and Denver, analyzing 50 shower heads in private houses and in public places.

He has concluded that about 30% of the equipment  had significant levels of Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen agent that causes  lung disease especially in people with immune system deficiencies, but in some cases it can infect anyone with a good health. As reported from the researchers, the presence of pathogens in  hydraulic system  pipe  lines  is quite normal. The problem gets worse  in the homes  because the bacteria accumulates  in the shower head, grouping  themselves into thin biofilm inside the shower head and reaching concentrations 100 times higher than the ones inside the aqueduct. In this way, it can happen to  inhale droplets filled  with bacteria. This study follows the survey of the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, in the United States, over the past decade, there has been an increase of lung diseases  associated with non-tuberculosis  mycobacteria such as M.avium, especially in people that use more the shower than the bath.

Published by Galileo, science journal


Legionella: environmental killer

Experience and contributions of Pavia University, 2006


The Legionella present in water and water systems, continues to claim many victims in hospitals. The niches where it lurks and spreads are as followed : shower heads-aerators for faucets- Hot and cold water storage -water recirculation pipes (pipes).

Legionella can be transmitted in hospitals, in the bathrooms of boats, fitness centers, tourist facilities, athletic facilities and in many other places. The research illustrate the difficulty in eradicating Legionella from a water system, although decontamination treatment are made . This kind of treatment besides being expensive is valid only for a limited period of time,  because of the high resistance of the microorganism.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa is another bacterium that causes serious pulmonary consequences, it is found in health care facilities and hospitals especially in washbasin siphon, bidet, showerhead and drainage wc.

 Varm Srl has realized a new sterilization system to eliminate viruses, bacteria from sewer drains to the sanitary bathroom (bidet, toilet, shower, washbasin). This system has been certified by ARPA (July 2010) for Legionella pneumophila, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aures, and Escherina Coli.